National Symposium on Restorative Justice

With a view to enhanced understanding and the strengthened capacity of Thai stakeholders on the concept of restorative justice that results in wider use of the approach as part of a broader process of criminal justice system reform, a National Symposium on Restorative Justice is proposed. The National Symposium is aimed to be a high-visibility event involving a wide range of stakeholders in Thailand to build momentum for the use of restorative justice as an alternative to formal criminal justice proceedings. This will be a great opportunity to sensitize stakeholders to allow for wider acceptance of ideas and wider use of restorative justice, as well as to address practical problems relating to the application of such measures. It will also allowexperts attending the EGM to present good practices from their respective countries The Symposium will comprise three panel discussions. The first session will concentrate on the concepts, the values and the objectives of participatory and restorative justice. The second session will deal with more practice-oriented aspects of restorative procedures. The last session will seek to provide participants an opportunity to engage in an exchange of good practices in different countries, as well as to generate constructive discussions to address any challenges facing the implementation of restorative measures. Each session will be followed by Q&A from the floor. English-Thai simultaneous interpretation will be provided throughout the day.



Gender-Responsive Criminal Justice

Day 1: ACWC Partnership Conference & Reception Dinner Talk ACWC Partnership Conference & Reception Dinner Talk revolves around the topics of Eliminating Violence Against Women and Children presented by Dr. Eileen Skinnider, TIJ research partners, and Ms. Kohnwilai Theppunkunngam, Acting Chief, Criminal Justice Programme (CJ). Day 2: TIJ-UN Women Showcase & Panel Discussion A discussion venue for experts around ASEAN to exchange ideas and viable solutions on the UN Model Strategies on Eliminating Violence Against Women and Children and researches the TIJ and partners have done; “Towards Gender-Responsive Criminal Justice: Good Practices from Southeast Asia in Responding to Violence Against Women” and “Women as Justice Makers.” (Private event.) Day 3: Internal Training/ Workshop for TIJ Staff Dr. Eileen Skinnider will be a guest speaker to train TIJ Staff on Gender-Responsive Criminal Justice. Day 4: TIJ Executive Meeting with Eileen for Future Collaboration TIJ Executive Meeting with Eileen for Future Collaboration on research and/or capacity building projects on women and children in criminal justice, regional (ASEAN) implementation of UN Model Strategies, and perspective on Youth Crime Prevention through Sport.



Redesigning Youth: Showcase of the TIJ-UNODC Borderless Youth Forum

The Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ), in partnership with United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific (ROSEAP) organize a side-event of the 6th UNESCAP Asia-Pacific Forum Sustainable Development under the theme: “Redesigning Youth: Showcase of the TIJ-UNODC Borderless Youth Forum.” This event is to present a showcase of the outcomes of the UNODC-TIJ Youth Forum, including: 1) Results from youths’ syntheses of the challenges of (1) Social reintegration of ex-offenders; (2) Gender-based violence; and (3) Access to Justice for marginalized and vulnerable groups; 2) A demonstration of the collaboration methods; and 3) Collaboration stories and reflections from youth participants on the experience of fostering relationships between individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds to create an expansive regional network of passionate youth, thereby inspiring them to take action and make lasting tangible societal changes.




Thailand Institute of Justice, in partnership with the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crimes, invites youth from Asia Pacific to join us on the first ever Youth Forum. This Forum adopts techniques taught at Design Across Borders, a Stanford class. This technique allows participants to dive deep into local justice challenges, empathize with local experts, flip and reframe the problems with design thinking tools, flex your creative muscles and, with international teammates, innovate out-of-the-box solutions which might help shape the future of justice we want to see in our community.



TIJ Workshop for Emerging Leaders on the Rule of Law and Policy

TIJ-IGLP Workshop for Scholars and Emerging Leaders on the Rule of Law and Policy



The Bangkok Rules 8th Anniversary

TIJ invites all sectors to the 8th anniversary of the Bangkok Rules Promoting Non-Custodial Measures as alternative for repentant prisoners



The 3rd Bangkok Rules Training

The Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ) organized the third training session on “The Implementation of the Bangkok Rules” for senior ASEAN correctional officers to advocate a new standard of conduct for women prisoners to align with human rights perspectives, prepared inmates for their reintegration to society and reduce reoffending chances. The training also helps promote the Bangkok Rules implementation across the ASEAN region.



Thailand Social Enterprise: The Way Forward

TIJ urges stakeholders to take part in shaping the Future of “Social Enterprise” in Thailand In response to the widespread social, economic and environmental problems caused by capitalism, Social Enterprise (SE) has emerged as a solution for a more sustainable economic growth.



Blockchain for Transparency, Empowering People for Better Access to Justice

The Thailand Institute of Justice together with ChangeFusion recently organized The Roundtable on Technology of Justice Series (Project j: jX Justice Experiment) on the topic of “Blockchain technology for transparency and accountability” to explore “New Solutions to Old Problems” through advanced technology such as Blockchain, a self-auditing network pledging to bring about greater transparency and higher levels of accountability.